Uncle John's Cider Mill 

If you want to experience the beauty of Michigan as well as fun activities for the family, then a trip to Uncle John's Cider Mill is perfect for you. Locals in the area consistently rank it as one of their favorite things to do year-round. 

There is an activity to excite every visitor to Uncle John's whether you are looking to eat, drink or play! Take a look at their website for a look at the calendar of activities planned for the current season. 

History and Things to Do at the Cider Mill

In the 1970s, John and Carolyn Beck purchased their family farm which had historically been run as a wholesale fruit and vegetable operation. At the time, the economy was struggling and the Becks were struggling to keep the business afloat, so they decided it was time to innovate. They came up with the idea to start making apple cider and cider donuts to bring the public to their farm. The experiment was a success and they began to expand their offering to include other sweets like pies, preserves, syrups and more. They continue to make it a goal to add something new to their list of offerings every year. 

At Uncle John's, the activities available change throughout the seasons. Visits to the cider mill, winery and Uncle John's Mining Company year round. In the fall, the mill comes alive with activity with their pumpkin patch and corn maze. Make time to stop by the Cider Yard where you can enjoy a glass of apple cider around a bonfire pit while playing yard games and live music. 

Cider Mill, Winery and Pie Barn

According to co-owner and chief cider maker Mike Beck, "Good fruit makes good juice." At Uncle John's, they are proud that they still make their cider the old-fashioned way without preservations, additives and pasteurization. 

The cider mill operates and makes cider during the months of September and October. Guests who visit during those months can stop in to watch the cider being made while enjoying a homemade cider donut or homemade caramel apple. 

Along with their freshly pressed apple cider, Uncle John's also makes a delicious selection of wines, hard cider, spirits, and vodka from apples. 

During your visit to Uncle John's, you can do some shopping at their Pie Barn to grab some tasty souvenirs. They are known for their fruit breads, homemade pies, and a variety of preserves and dried fruit snacks. 


It is always a pleasure to visit Uncle John's Cider Mill. There are many things to do including watching them press apples into cider, walking a maze, jumping on the giant trampoline, eating fresh baked goods, picking out pumpkins and visiting the stores. We try to visit there annually. They have a wagon that you can ride out to the pumpkin patch and the maze. They have activities that all ages will enjoy.
I love going to Uncle John's Cider Mill in the fall for things like cider and donuts, food trucks, a corn maze, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, and more.
Valerie T - TripAdvisor
We spent the day here for the cider and wine tasting, craft show and music and sunflower gathering. We enjoy seeing the cider being pressed. It smells so good.
D J - TripAdvisor